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Jessica, I walked in the room and their you are between the sheets. Where our warm body’s meet we make love between the sheets we talk and tell secrets between the sheets then we sleep soundly between the sheets. Advertisements

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In the rain late at night under the street light on the corner I play my Guitar and try to win your love.

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Does she scream when she dreams? I will only stick around until her tears have dryed I have a soul of a clown and a mind of a child. Betting now you wish you had never gotten mixed up with … Continue reading

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Birds are you a love bird? are you a song bird? or a bird of prey. Birds fly high and sing for love and joy on a hot summer day.

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Put To Death

1970″s Disco is King Bell Bottoms Platform Shoes Silk Shirts Key Party:s Soul Train Wolf Man Jack Bicentennial 33/45 records

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Love You

Honey, I would walk to the ends of the earth just to be with you. Cupcake, I want a love with you that will never end. Babe, I want a life with you that will never end. Sugar, if I … Continue reading

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Truth Seekers

we want the world, and we want it now! we want peace and love, and we want them now! we drop acid not bombs, so lets do it now! lets stop all wars, so lets stop them now! we love … Continue reading

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