Gone Mad

Why is it so hard to die?

why is it so hard to live?

if we think to hard

we will go mad!

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I walked in the room

and their you are

between the sheets.

Where our warm body’s meet

we make love between the sheets

we talk and tell secrets between the sheets

then we sleep soundly between the sheets.

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In the rain

late at night

under the street light

on the corner

I play my Guitar

and try to win

your love.

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Real/Imagined Online conversation About Cheating

renxkyoko's space

Bostongal —–  Hey !  Ren !

Ren           —– OMG, Hi !  Wow ! We’re reading at the same time ! What time is it over there?

Bostongal—— 3 AM . So, have you read the new chapter ?

Ren         ——- It’s 12 here. Yep, I have. What d’ya think ? Did Kyou really cheat ?

Bostongal—– I do believe Kyou. Even when he was with Akari, and knew Shino liked him, he didn’t cheat on Akari when he had the chance. Rereading the story gave me a different perspective on Kyou, but yeah, I still think that his sneaking and “abandonment ” of Shino were just too much.  He should have known it was wrong, hurtful and destructive. He could have told Shino, ” Look, I need to do this with Akari, she’s troubled and might harm herself, and , I’m sorry , Shino, I  need to know  what the hell those 10 months Akari…

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as he sits night after all alone , with tv dinners

drinking rut gut beer, he feels isolated.

He sits in a room with 4 walls, he trys to interpret

his dreams , they are dark and full of violence.

So he gets his jug and starts a pulling. resentment

sits in he feeling sorry for himself of all the mistakes

he has made. He knows suicide the only way out,

he hates myself and everyone else.

He trys not to think of the innocent victims he

will leave behind the note he left only says

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a coffin?

good bye

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I was captured by your beauty

i always proceed with caution when it comes to love

you broke my heart, yet i have no regrets

you have moved on, now i sit and stare at

your photographs.

I wont just accept just anyone

i always invest my heart and soul

i’m tired of back stabbing and the cheating

i want a gal to be true

i hope when we meet out thoughts will

intertwine and our minds become one.

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Hello Death

I don’t fear death

death doesn’t scare me

i look forward to it.

So when i die

please don’t cry

have a party

be yourself

have a blast

do what ever

turns you on

cut me up and eat me

drink my blood

roll me up and smoke me

grind up my bones

let the wind carry me away

that the way i have lived

any way the wind blows.

I’ll be watching from above

you have always been a

joy in my life

now i’ll live on forever

in your insides

make it a party of a life time.

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