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Welcome to my World! Enter at your own risk, remember when the doors close, their is no escape, no one hear ever gets out alive! Even the Gods have lost their way, their is no joy, pleasure or love. I … Continue reading

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The dogs and Cats in the pound long to be free men and women just singing the blues the bird in the cage just telling everyone how he fills

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Ox Bar

Sitting in a dark, damp, seedy bar all the regulars were coming in i was in the last booth with my back to the wall. i was trying to read a book bar maid ask me if it was the … Continue reading

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My limousine is right outside, My Chauffeur would be glad to give you a ride to the other side. I know you must be mortified it must be giving you goosebumps so close to the edge. You better not be … Continue reading

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Late Again

I woke up late i rolled outta bed wow my hair was a mess i quickly got dressed holy cow no time for chow i am late again i just can’t win

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James, was living with no hope of a better life, every conceivable thing went wrong. James felt so overwhelmed it ani’t easy being a total loser with the lady’s. James was sick and tried of being alone with no female … Continue reading

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