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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all you amazing and awesome Mothers for all you do for us! Advertisements

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The dogs and Cats in the pound long to be free men and women just singing the blues the bird in the cage just telling everyone how he fills

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Late Again

I woke up late i rolled outta bed wow my hair was a mess i quickly got dressed holy cow no time for chow i am late again i just can’t win

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I saw you had the misfortune of meeting me are you drunk on my wine? are you stoned on my pot? are you tired of my pain pills? coming down off my lsd? are you ready for rehab? all in … Continue reading

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Drink’s Hitting the wine sipping the beers drinking gin and juice what gets your goose going?

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Neighbor’s curtain open door cracked did you take a peak? were they smoking crack or doing smack? why would you go if you didn’t bring your own sheets? The fly on the wall has saw it all, did you steal … Continue reading

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Lori, Was a beautiful strawberry blonde, i don’t know which i love best, playing volley ball or  eating juicy strawberry’s what eye candy you are as you get wet and lay out on the beach.

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