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Lynn I was captured by your beauty i always proceed with caution when it comes to love you broke my heart, yet i have no regrets you have moved on, now i sit and stare at your photographs. I wont … Continue reading

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Rhonda, I catch myself digging though musty old boxes, to find old photographs of you, trying to figure out where i went wrong. I know nothing i can do will bring you back, It’s just treasures of my past.

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Trailer Park Trash

No need to worry we have everything hear you’ll ever want it is a paradise for stray cats theirs so many their in breed It seems everyone has a pit bull and i don’t know why you don’t need x-rated … Continue reading

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Ox Bar

Sitting in a dark, damp, seedy bar all the regulars were coming in i was in the last booth with my back to the wall. i was trying to read a book bar maid ask me if it was the … Continue reading

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zombies are coming no place seems to be safe i shouldn’t be mad my buddy wanted me to help build a bunker so we would be safe i laughed their is no zombies he built the bunker and now he … Continue reading

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