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Lynn I was captured by your beauty i always proceed with caution when it comes to love you broke my heart, yet i have no regrets you have moved on, now i sit and stare at your photographs. I wont … Continue reading

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Rhonda, I catch myself digging though musty old boxes, to find old photographs of you, trying to figure out where i went wrong. I know nothing i can do will bring you back, It’s just treasures of my past.

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Baby, Let me tell you a story about my love for you, from the moment i was born, i felt drawn to you. I have fallen deeply in love with you, and yet i don’t even know your name. Theirs … Continue reading

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Welcome to my World! Enter at your own risk, remember when the doors close, their is no escape, no one hear ever gets out alive! Even the Gods have lost their way, their is no joy, pleasure or love. I … Continue reading

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For my beloved

For my beloved you are the sun that shines each day you are the moon that glows each night you are the water that quinches my thirst you are the food that nurishes me you are the love that keeps … Continue reading

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I brought you flowers how cool they match your dress. you put one in your hair, our walk through the woods was delightful you say you dislike snakes over toads I am powerless under your spell you got the power … Continue reading

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Trailer Park Trash

No need to worry we have everything hear you’ll ever want it is a paradise for stray cats theirs so many their in breed It seems everyone has a pit bull and i don’t know why you don’t need x-rated … Continue reading

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