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Glass House Blues

I was heading down to the GlassHouse to pick up a couple of 6 er,s and a pint of rye whiskey. I saw a homeless vet holding a sign saying will work for food,, He was having a rough time, … Continue reading

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Twisted Love

Hey Babe, would you like to analyze my mind? why do you want to see what makes me tick. Would it scare you or turn you on? do you want to become friends with the voices in my head. I … Continue reading

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Slaughter House

Beware i have a empty soul i am searching for the unknown before you come over know where your going Please bring smokes there.s is no health code here Don.t worry about the music there,s always a far out beat … Continue reading

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Welcome To My Nightmare

I was drinking rot gut beer in a sleeping room Splatters of paint on the walls one light just a bare blub the floors had years of filth The sheets smell of urine and yellow spots fleas jumping all over … Continue reading

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Hello, my dear friends this is not a nightmare i am not hear to scare you and this is not the end yet. I have come to take you on a picnic No need to reserve a place at the … Continue reading

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Their are so many things about you that i do not know Why does everyone fear you? Is it because your so dark and mystery ? From the minute we are born we are one minute closer to you. Everyone … Continue reading

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Ox Bar

Sitting in a dark, damp, seedy bar all the regulars were coming in i was in the last booth with my back to the wall. i was trying to read a book bar maid ask me if it was the … Continue reading

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