Dreams and Visions

I awaken in a cold sweat, my head was foggy, I only wanted to scream

I’ve been dreaming again, I think I am going crazy beyond repair

I just can’t tell when it’s real anymore, I am seeing decaying people

I am hearing screams of agony, yet everything seems so real

I am dangerously close to losing it. I ask you can you help me?

you only give me a pill, and I only get a thrill.

will the voices and visions ever end? or are they un escapable ?

or am I to damaged? beyond repair? or am I going mad

if I pour gas on myself and lite it will I fill pain? will I just go insane?


About https://poetbblog.wordpress.com

I love my guitar, poetry, reading, writing, living life on the edge, Don't worry their no strangers here just strange people, Be sure to let me know you stop bye and let your hair down. Grab some coffee and hope you enjoy.
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