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I love you so much how much do i love you? as far as the east is from the west how much do i need you? as much as a man needs water in the desert how long will i … Continue reading

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Lets Go

Lets go so please don,t be slow after we eat supper lets break the dishes, the dog and cat will lick the floor. Hey Hey the maid will clean up, we have but life so lets play hard, life so … Continue reading

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I wanted to kiss you so much i wonder if i was a pickle i could get you to pucker? I heard you kiss everyone who kiss you, I will be looking for you at the kissing booth saturday i … Continue reading

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Happy Tahnksgiving

Just in case i miss anyone Happy Thanksgiving and i am most thankful for of you my freinds

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I brought you flowers how cool they match your dress. you put one in your hair, our walk through the woods was delightful you say you dislike snakes over toads I am powerless under your spell you got the power … Continue reading

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We have history love, hate, good or bad i am miserable without you. I am powerless with out you we play deadly games to the extremes were headed to out highway to hell

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