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Twisted Love

Hey Babe, would you like to analyze my mind? why do you want to see what makes me tick. Would it scare you or turn you on? do you want to become friends with the voices in my head. I … Continue reading

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The dogs and Cats in the pound long to be free men and women just singing the blues the bird in the cage just telling everyone how he fills

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Slaughter House

Beware i have a empty soul i am searching for the unknown before you come over know where your going Please bring smokes there.s is no health code here Don.t worry about the music there,s always a far out beat … Continue reading

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Welcome To My Nightmare

I was drinking rot gut beer in a sleeping room Splatters of paint on the walls one light just a bare blub the floors had years of filth The sheets smell of urine and yellow spots fleas jumping all over … Continue reading

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I walk passed your house your flowers are waving at me the blue jays are singing loud and gay i knew it was going to be a great day.

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3am walking the streets looking for a safe place to sleep as folks are nice and snug in their beds i see thing and hear thing i should never hear i gotta dodge police and the idiots gotta watch the … Continue reading

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Jim working hard at the saw mill sweating and shoveling dust just hoping for a chance to dance with you friday night

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