Bar Night

We practice in the garage

we practice in our rooms

we even practice in our dreams

our lead singer practices and sings

in the shower

How in the world did we

come up with the band name

Pig- Pins?

we play in the park and

on the corners

for loose change

to fix-up our out dated equipment

Friday night we play our hearts out

at honky tonks

we play for the love off music

not for fame or fortune

beer and whiskeys a flowing

cowgirls dress to impress

cowboys kicking dust off their boots

wearing the best hat on their rack

we know it us they came to see

as the yelling gets louder

as they cut a rug and swing and dance



I love my guitar, poetry, reading, writing, living life on the edge, Don't worry their no strangers here just strange people, Be sure to let me know you stop bye and let your hair down. Grab some coffee and hope you enjoy.
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