My Ex Rockin Rhonda

You always have me a hot mess, I sometimes just don’t even get dressed.

When i am alone drinking trying to write you a poem i just can’t seem

to finish.

Because the words just don’t feel right, I get tore up from the floor up.

I don’t want to go to rehab it would just mean more time apart and i

wouldn’t have anything for the pain.

And when i sleep i would have to dream i would see how amazing

you were.

No rehab for me i’ll just black out and hope one day we get back together

but if not i will keep a bottle , pen and pad handy just in case i

am able to write.

It just plain hurts losing you, if opposites a tracks were

perfect your an angel and i am the devil.

But i will love you anyways.



I love my guitar, poetry, reading, writing, living life on the edge, Don't worry their no strangers here just strange people, Be sure to let me know you stop bye and let your hair down. Grab some coffee and hope you enjoy.
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2 Responses to My Ex Rockin Rhonda

  1. It is hard being away from someone you love. An emotion poem it is, Bradley.

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