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Butterflys When i am feeling down i go outside and look around for Butterfly’s they always Get me feeling gay! Their so bright, beautiful, and light I love to watch the children run and play try and catch them when … Continue reading

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Trailer Park Trash

No need to worry we have everything hear you’ll ever want it is a paradise for stray cats theirs so many their in breed It seems everyone has a pit bull and i don’t know why you don’t need x-rated … Continue reading

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Dead Beat Dad

Hear i sat in this jail cell 5 by 8 can hardly move i count each squire on the wall They say i done it i hit it and tried to forget it Baby needs needs needs got me on … Continue reading

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Dream Girl

Dream Girl Conpassionate Confident Committed Centered Consistent Challenging Pleasant Unusual Sophisticated Unique Truthful Dangerous

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Mind Control

We are born We grow up we go to school we get married we have kids we retire we play golf we die.

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The Duo

Brad and Jay practice and practice day after day head out set up Brad on the guitar Jay on the vocals on the city cornor play and play for dollars and change night time is the the right time. just … Continue reading

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I was a young, apprentice of your love. I was bond and gagged the lesson was i must summit and obey you you where the master as i was your slave

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