When i grow up

when i grow up i want to be a professional thief! Really i could be a mayor senator, or even the president.

I want a beautiful intern looking to make a name for herself, i will swear i never had sex with her.

After you all spend about 1 million dollars and find out i only got a BJ will you be pissed?

I want my share of kick backs food money clothes cars, i will use the campain more for trips to the bunny ranch and gambling, strippers,

i will use city county state equipment for my personal use.

The road in front of my house will be smooth and paved even if it don’t need it.

My wife will be with her young stud, my kids will never get into trouble

because of our name.

when on so called meeting i will have sex with men in the restroom if we

get busted my wife will be by my side.

i can’t wait to grow up will you vote for me plzzzzzzzzzzz.



About https://poetbblog.wordpress.com

I love my guitar, poetry, reading, writing, living life on the edge, Don't worry their no strangers here just strange people, Be sure to let me know you stop bye and let your hair down. Grab some coffee and hope you enjoy.
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