was living with no hope of a better life,

every conceivable thing went wrong.

James felt so overwhelmed it ani’t

easy being a total loser with the lady’s.

James was sick and tried of being alone

with no female contact.

James was desperate for a girlfriend .

Did acid bring his life into view?

It was time for a total makeover

James knew it ani’t  easy being fat and greasy.

James body was like a condemned  building

it’s body structure couldn’t hold the

weight much longer.

James insides were empty abandoned

and burned out.

James slowly replaced everything

James now exploded with smiles

had alot of gals calling him all the time

He knew he had a fantastic future awaited him.

Everything with James was truly incredible.

James was a artistic masterpiece soon

to be unveiled.


About https://poetbblog.wordpress.com

I love my guitar, poetry, reading, writing, living life on the edge, Don't worry their no strangers here just strange people, Be sure to let me know you stop bye and let your hair down. Grab some coffee and hope you enjoy.
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3 Responses to James

  1. James is a masterpiece you describe well!

  2. The insides are so important when rebuilding! .. We need to love ourselves Inside and out!… Seems James is mastering the art of self-renewal.. Something He should be proud to smile about…
    Hello and many thanks for visiting Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary and for clicking the follow button!


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