The Park

The park is the stage

we all are the players,

Angie singing her heart out

she has a voice of an angel.

Guitar players playing until

their fingers bleed.

Poets speaking from their hearts

Painters enjoy doing face

painting for the children.

Everyone just doing their

own thing.

Come on out, do what ever

turns you on.

Everyone hear is hip and groovy.

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‘Alice in Wonderland’ updated: See how the book inspired others

Originally posted on Poetic Parfait:

Alice in Wonderland gets illustrated

Alice is having a tea party. Photo Source: John Tenniel [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” a title often shortened to “Alice in Wonderland,” written by Lewis Carroll, has inspired many writers and other artists over the years. I fondly remember the book as it was one of my favorites as a girl. I thought I would peek “through the looking glass” to see what Alice has inspired lately.

Comic book fun with ‘Alice in Wonderland’

While the book published in 1865, it has continued to amuse readers, even in an updated comic book form. Several comic book adaptations have been made, between 1951 and 2005; there have been four versions of “Alice in Wonderland” in comic book form, in total.

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Feeling Blue

On a cold winter night,

when i am feeling blue

and down and out.

All i need is poetry,

mountain dew and you,

To see me through.

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Love You

Honey, I would walk to the ends of the earth just to be with you.

Cupcake, I want a love with you that will never end.

Babe, I want a life with you that will never end.

Sugar, if I die, don’t worry I will wait for you on the other side of the hereafter.

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Dreams and Visions

I awaken in a cold sweat, my head was foggy, I only wanted to scream

I’ve been dreaming again, I think I am going crazy beyond repair

I just can’t tell when it’s real anymore, I am seeing decaying people

I am hearing screams of agony, yet everything seems so real

I am dangerously close to losing it. I ask you can you help me?

you only give me a pill, and I only get a thrill.

will the voices and visions ever end? or are they un escapable ?

or am I to damaged? beyond repair? or am I going mad

if I pour gas on myself and lite it will I fill pain? will I just go insane?

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When it’s All Falling Apart

Originally posted on Dear Human ~ Letters to Humanity:

Note To Self:


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Truth Seekers

we want the world,

and we want it now!

we want peace and love,

and we want them now!

we drop acid not bombs,

so lets do it now!

lets stop all wars,

so lets stop them now!

we love humanity and mother earth,

so lets love them now!

lets stop big business from raping

and stealing our city’s and towns blind.

Lets stop them now!

lets stop raping of our environment and

stealing of everything not nailed down,

and let do it now!

lets stop illegal dumping into our rivers and streams

and lets stop it now!

we want our world back and we want it now!

we are searching for truth and knowledge

and we want them now!

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