The Troubles in my Life

Day in day out

my troubles comes

my troubles go

just like the wind blows

i seem to manufacture

my own misery

alcohol and drugs has

beaten my body down

my body can’t seem

to recover overnight

yet i won’t ever give

it a break

my problems won’t

seem to vanish in

a twinkling of an eye

it is remarkable how

my twisted thinking is

i wake up and pop a top

and jump on the train again

will i ever win?

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Music and Me

Originally posted on The Essayist:

Music and Me.1

–Something borrowed from Lyrics,
Sentiments and Me–

“Thank you for the music. . .
Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing. . .
Who can live without it?
I ask in all honesty. . . ,”

Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulveaus

The other day, I read an article against music. Honestly, my reaction was negative; and, that was for obvious reason.

However, please allow me to be proactive, as I share some of the benefits of music in our lives:

Among Children

In an academic article written by Donald Taylor (with Sage Publication), he writes: “Research shows that students usually enjoy playing classroom instruments (Boswell, 1991; Bowles, 1998), which may serve as motivation for continued learning. Although children often enjoy singing in kindergarten and first grade, they may sometimes be more reticent and self-conscious about singing as they grow older (Blyler, 1960; Bowles, 1998; Mizener, 1993; Phillips &…

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you say you love me, and you say you know i love you.

you say you hate it when i party and let my hair down

you say you know my reputation when i drink and drop acid

you say i make a ass of myself i say i enjoy being me

i do speed to keep me up you go and crash out and pray

i will be safe and hope for a black out.

i wake up and repeat it day after day you say you want a real

date but candy flowers and dinner just anit my thing.

you say you want to change me i am happy being me

just being weird and having fun. I know you want a guy

to have kids and settle down but i am just going stay a

clown and get my kicks

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My nose was red and raw

from walking to the dance

and then  walking home on a

dateless night

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In Our Humble Community

Originally posted on The Essayist:

Blogging is not mere social networking. For we, bloggers, establish camaraderie among ourselves. We follow one another’s blog(s). We “like” and appreciate each other’s post(s). We comment and encourage one another. And we exhibit, how is it like to be a modern human in this very technical and digital times. Indeed, this blogosphere is a community of us, passionate people, who are humbly taming this World Wide Web that first revolutionized our lives by one-hundred-eighty degrees through the magic of our personal touches: From writing, to painting, to cooking, taking pictures (or photography), even selling and many more others–We are enriching the Net of our passions and dedication. Therefore, we should safeguard the sanctity of what we’re doing among all others. Because if we don’t, we are comprising the values of the next generations of bloggers. Worse, we will lose the very essence of blogging.

Today, June 14, 2014, I…

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Finally Free

On my death bed i don’t want

any tears no sadness i will

scream i am finally free

don’t worry don’t be afraid

when i pass through death doors

i will walk with my head up high

straight up to mr death

i will not be cruel or unkind

i will be obedient

i will learn to adjust

but remember i will always

love you from beyond the grave.

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You are my peanut butter

you best friend is my jam

i am the bread that

holds us together

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